Welcome to Rheinhessen Winemakers

Rhinehesse – open wine-growing region left of the Rhine. Inspire your senses with a culinary journey through the region of a thousand hills. Rhinehesse – this is where wine becomes an adventure.

Holiday with Rhinehesse Winemakers – there are 53 businesses from Rhinehesse behind this idea, each of which, together, make up this community of interest. Here, it goes without saying that individual care, a familiar atmosphere and competent professional wine advice from star-rated vineyards, are all part and parcel of what we offer. In 2008 the joint venture “Holiday with Rhinehesse Winemakers” was awarded with the national and international Best of Wine Tourism award.

Great Wine Capitals – Mainz and Rhinehesse, as members of this international union, belong to some of the most exclusive and well-known wine regions of the world.