Where good wine feels at home

Where wine becomes an adventure in itself

The stream flows quietly and the landscape presents itself in an almost modest way. Rhinehesse is not about boasting clichés, yet the very fertile and sun-kissed earth sends many a message across the globe: our wines are unique and characteristic.

Winemakers will tell you that variety should never be mistaken for arbitrariness. This applies for classical grape varieties, which are cultivated with great competence, and for younger cultivation, which allows for more experimentation. Traditional care and accuracy has never stood in the way of modern experience. The Celts lived here. Romans brought the wine, the Franconians founded new villages, and the Spanish and French have also been here. Religious refugees settled. Wo guter Wein zu Hause istThis mixing of the peoples is still noticeable today and it eases cultural contact in this land of gentle sloping hills and short routes and walkways.

You will find an informative and entertaining mix on more about this topic in the book: "Wo man hinschaut, ist Rheinhessen". (ISBN 978-3-937782-775)